My name is Pete Skeggs, and I’m an engineer, father, husband, movie lover, music hound, DJ, and all around geek.

I’ve twice been president of PARTS (the Portland Area Robotics Society) — 2001-2003, then again from 2010-2011.  I was also on the organizing committee for ORTOP, the Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program, from 2001-2005.  They’re still going — not only running FIRST Lego League (FLL) tournaments but now in charge of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC).

My wife and I are owners of Noetic Design, Inc., an engineering consulting firm, which we started in late 1993 when I quite my day job at Iomega soon after turning 30.  We used to run a side business to design and manufacture sensors and controllers for mobile robots, under the Nubotics brand, but closed this in 2016.


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